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I am a total sucker for sweet treats and this afternoon I had a super quick baking session with the Boy. Well... I say baking really what I mean is we made some rice krispie treats (or Mars Bar buns if you prefer!). If you don't know what they are, essentially they are melted Mars… Continue reading Treats!


Oaty Banana Pancakes

I love a sweet and bread based breakfast, whether it's toast with chocolate spread, pancakes, croissants, pastries... Mmmm! The list could go on and on! I am a big fan of carbs, sugar & caffeine in the morning despite knowing how unhealthy it is. Recently I have got into the habit of making crepes for… Continue reading Oaty Banana Pancakes

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I Can’t Succumb to Sickness! (aka Ginger & Lemon tea)

Both my kids have had a terrible run of ill health since The Boy started playgroup in September. We've had cold after cold, chickenpox and now The Babby has ear infections in both sides. I'm convinced they are linked to teething since her brother had the same thing every time new teeth appeared and she… Continue reading I Can’t Succumb to Sickness! (aka Ginger & Lemon tea)