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Sewing Softies

For most of 2015 I was a bad blogger. I had so little brain power that managing to get crafty was a trial, writing about it was impossible! This year I'm determined to be different! I've realised that the biggest thing holding me back is the dreaded goggle box so this year I'm going on… Continue reading Sewing Softies

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Triangle Pouch!

Having a nosey on Pinterest the other night I came across triangle pouches! This was a total revelation to me, they are super cute and not too much different in construction to the wee zipper pouches I had made before. With help from this tutorial from Crafty Gemini I put together this cute pouch. I… Continue reading Triangle Pouch!

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Pattern Review – Jade Skirt by Paprika Patterns

I first spied this skirt in my Instagram feed. Someone had made it with the most awesome fishy fabric but what really grabbed my attention was the construction. I couldn't work out how on earth those layers at the front were made but I needed to know! Thankfully the poster had linked to the designer… Continue reading Pattern Review – Jade Skirt by Paprika Patterns