Can I really finish what I’ve started … or maybe that should be hello?

Well, I think the title of this blog may be a bit self explanatory but maybe not so I’ll say hello. I’m Jools. I love to craft and create. I sew and crochet; sometimes I make jewellery.  I write letters and doodle and colour things in. I bake and I cook and I eat and I’m forever making new plans and thinking about what new thing I can do next.

Unfortunately my plans are constantly being thwarted by my two lovely (but incredibly time consuming) little people and my not so little (but just as messy!) husband.

Me and my little people!

Me and my little people!

Our son is three and has just started nursery and our daughter is one and is now learning how to run, climb and create untold devastation all around her. Together they are like a tornado that swirls at my feet. They are wonderful and exhausting all at the same time so the ideas that I have and the projects that I have started lie forgotten in the detritus of everyday life.

The babby is a year old now and is she is finally starting to sleep for longer than two hours at a time so I’m hoping that my life can regain some semblance of normality but we’ll see! In the mean time I’ll write things down and hope that it might help me remember what I’ve been doing. Of the many things I have not yet finished off the top of my head I can think of two crochet blankets, a (now too small) fleecy baby wrap, many tiny crochet turtles, a garden of flowers to finish a tea cosy, a bag for my sister, a chalkboard roll, some refashioned tshirts and some skirts that are in a pile to be taken in.

Some day…