I Can’t Succumb to Sickness! (aka Ginger & Lemon tea)

Both my kids have had a terrible run of ill health since The Boy started playgroup in September. We’ve had cold after cold, chickenpox and now The Babby has ear infections in both sides. I’m convinced they are linked to teething since her brother had the same thing every time new teeth appeared and she has two definite new teeth since this latest bout of sickness started.

In the mean time I have not been sleeping while I care for my poorly baby (she’s fifteen months old now, I should really stop calling her the babby…) and have still been running around doing all the usual things. It has finally started to catch up with me and last night in bed I could feel myself coming down with something. My throat was sore and one ear was aching. Thankfully I had only one night waking to deal with so some sleep helped but the big guns were called for this morning.

I have a secret weapon in the fight to keep the germs at bay, since hot whiskeys aren’t really appropriate, proper ginger tea with lemon & honey is a winner. Here’s how I do it…


My cure for the common cold!

A lump of ginger
A lemon
Cloves (optional)


Coarsely gate an inch or so of the ginger into a pot or a jug and pour a mug of boiling water over it.  Leave to steep for five or ten minutes (or longer if you want it really spicy). Add the cloves here if wanted. You could also simmer it over a very low heat to keep your drink nice & hot. I tend to put mine in a little bean pot and I put it in my range to keep warm.


While the tea is infusing chop the lemon in half and squeeze it into a mug and add a good spoonful of honey.

Strain the ginger tea into the mug with the lemon and honey and enjoy!


I take this tea really strong and I can feel it clearing me out as I drink it but you could make it weaker if you prefer. The ginger can be reused to make more tea but it obviously won’t be as potent as the first use.

I’m convinced that drinking a few of these mugs of tea throughout the day helps chase away any nasties trying to infect me. It’s maybe not a cure but it’s a definite help for me and a total bonus that I love the taste! 


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