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My Sewing Mojo

This year I seem to have regained some of my sewing mojo!  I have felt wholly unmotivated for the longest time and it has taken a while for me to get back to myself.  Last year saw me do very little with my sewing machine and it was kind of depressing.  I couldn’t seem to find the motivation to do much or to tackle the hellish mess that is my sewing room!  This year I’ve become determined to get back to it all and so a couple of months ago I had my sewing machine serviced and have been trying my best to just get on with it.

Got my sewing mojo back!


2017 has been better all round

With the help of some new and beautiful fabrics (and some amazing sewing patterns!)  I have started to find my sewing mojo once again.  I had collected too much stuff that I couldn’t work out what to do with so I had a bit of a clear out and bought a couple new things and it helped me remember that crafting can be fun!  I also found some stuff that I forgot I even had when I was clearing out so it was a win win all round!

Grainline Studio – Scout Tee

First off I revisited the Scout Tee by Grainline Studio.  The first time I made this was a couple of years ago and because I made it in a quilting cotton it just didn’t sit right.  I made this one in a beautiful cotton lawn and it’s become one of my favourite summer tops.  I love this pattern and I am definitely going to make more.

Scout tee and the return of my sewing mojo


Tilly and The Buttons – Coco

After a lot of lusting and buoyed up by my success with the Scout Tee I finally treated myself to the Coco by Tilly & the Buttons.  This has been on my to buy list for a loooooong time.  I don’t know why I didn’t buy it before now – partly I think because I have a massive stash of other patterns and fabric that was not quite right for this pattern.  I think sometimes you need to just sew something you know you’re going to love.  I know my sewing mojo disappears when I’m doing something because I feel I have to rather than because I really want to make something.  As for the Coco, it’s a brilliant pattern and the style is perfect for me.  Next up I’m planning a psychedelic scuba version for Autumn/Winter.  I imagine that it will be super cosy once I get to grip with sewing scuba.

More dressmaking mojo and a Coco top was born


Named Clothing – Keilo Wrap Dress

My most recent make was a Keilo Wrap dress by Named Clothing.  I had just enough of the most amazing floral viscose jersey to make this dress for a wedding I went to in July and it was a hit.  I had to shorten this pattern considerably for it to fit since I’m a good 6inches shorter than the model but it wasn’t too hard to alter.  I think next time I make this I’m going to have to alter the armscye as I found the armholes came down far too low.  Since I made a facing for my dress it was a bit awkward to fix the armhole issue but not impossible.  A bit of hand sewing came to the rescue but next time I think I’ll use bias binding for the armholes and neckline and work on where exactly my armholes should come to.  Unfortunately I have no decent photos of me wearing the dress so this will have to do you!

Kielo Wrap Dress - on hanger

I’m so pleased that after years of sewing I have finally managed to bite the bullet and decided to dive into sewing clothes for myself.  I’ve always been a bit too scared of making clothes in case I mess it up and waste precious fabric.  I’m an awkward shape, shorter than average with a bit too much in the way of boobs and belly.   Now that I have a bit more confidence in reading patterns, understanding fabric and using my machine I think I am finally ready to get on with making clothes that are wearable, if not exactly perfect!

Tell me do you make your own clothes? How did you get started and have you got any tips for a Newbie?


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