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Time out but not time off!

So it’s been a while! My brain has been on a go slow recently and I just haven’t been able to concentrate to blog, which is the pits. Anyway I haven’t been wholly stagnant!

Since I last posted I’ve managed to cobble together my first ever frame purse with the help of a tutorial by Lisa Lam. It’s gone off to a new home so I’m low on pics but it was a pretty successful first go. I used a 6 inch frame and interfaced the exterior with Vilene H630 volume fleece. It gave the purse a nice substantial puffy feel. I’m looking forward to making more but I’m running low on interfacing and I’m banned from buying more craft supplies until I’ve used up some of my stash!

I’ve been busy making little fabric flowers to turn into brooches to sell my friend’s shop. These take more hand sewing than I care for and they ruin my fingers so I’m going to have to try to master using thimbles!

As well as my bag class I’ve also started giving a brand new sewing class for beginners/improvers who want to learn how to make their own applique cushion covers. It’s great being able to encourage other people to get into crafting and creating their own things! Unfortunately earlier today because I was too busy nattering I managed to sew through my own finger! It’s a first for me, but a learning experience I think. I’ll be more careful next time!

Happy Students with awesome makes!

I made my very first top recently too. I used Grainline Studio’s Scout Tee pattern. It was a roaring success and I’ll be doing a dedicated post reviewing it as soon as the second one is finished! I have a gorgeous cotton poplin (indigo with black spots from Plush Addict) lined up for this weekend!


To top it all off we had the best, most crafty, birthday party yet for my son. He turned four in May and is totally obsessed with dinosaurs. Me and my mum made an awesome chocolate, dinosaur land volcano cake, I cobbled together a giant dinosaur floor pillow/plushie (pattern found in Mollie Makes!), and my friend made some class dinosaur party favours (available from the awesome Etsy shop EduCareCreate for your crafty little people!).

Dinosaurs everywhere!

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