Sewing bags.

I can’t remember what turned me on to the idea of sewing my own bags, I think it was possibly just reading other people’s blogs on sewing and seeing what they had made.

I made my first ever bag as a Christmas present two years ago. I deconstructed one of my Dad’s old suit jackets and after some footering about I ended up with this.


My beautiful bag featuring all the original pockets


Floral lining with flush pocket for a phone or similar

I absolutely loved this bag. I actually nearly cried when I had to give it away. I still have some of the material left to make a purse or something similar for myself but it just won’t be the same as my first ever bag!

Coincidentally that same Christmas somebody bought me the amazing Lisa Lam’s book The Bag Making Bible. Her blog is still a source of major inspiration to me. I can’t stress how much easy to follow information this book has on bag making, any and all novice bag makers should buy it!  I love all of Lisa’s patterns and the next bag I managed to make wasn’t out of the book it was her Cavernous Carpet Bag. I had so much fun making it and seeing how the amazingly clever pattern came together. I would love an army of these bags in different patterns & sizes!




I admit I have a major love of bags so fit me there is nothing as satisfying as actually making my own bag. Knowing how they come together and being able to customise what size and how many pockets to have is so much more fun for me than sewing my own clothes!

My favourite make so far though is the changing bag I made for when I had my daughter. I found the most amazing superhero fabric and adapted one of the patterns from The Bag Making Bible. It’s a big messenger type bag. The strap is made from an old belt I found in a second hand shop. There are external, elasticated pockets for keeping drinks, toys or other things I need to be handy. Inside I have added loops for hanging my keys and dummies or little toys to make them easy to find. I’ve added specific pockets for my kindle and phone plus a section at the back for my changing mat, nappies & wipes. It’s also massive enough to fit everything I might ever need. I think I’ll keep this bag forever!



Now my daughter is nearly a year and a half old I’m thinking that I really need to start sewing more! Thankfully my friend Laura needed a hand to make a secret Santa present and I was able to help her cobble together a lovely pouch for keeping cosmetics, stationery or whatever else the recipient wants!



It has helped renew my love of bag making and hopefully in the new year I’ll get back to sewing and I’ll get back to coming up with and making things I love! Keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial for the lovely wee pouch we made.

What do you love making? Any other bag addicts out there? Drop me a line; I would love to hear from all you other crafty people out there!


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