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Sick House and Fair Isle Crochet

I have been doing my best to do some crafty bits and pieces over the last wee while but we have been hit by two consecutive bouts of chickenpox. The boy got it first and just as he was over it the babby got hit. Just as she was getting over it I was hit by a horrible virus that has left me with no energy and finding it hard to breathe. Now just as I’m getting over it the kids are getting it.  Poor babby is having a hard time sleeping because she’s so bunged up.

In the mean time I have been a bit inspired by my very crafty friend Emma.  You can check out some of the bits and pieces she makes on her Facebook page and on Instagram. She’s such a good knitter and has been perfecting her fair isle. Unfortunately I have no talent in that direction so I’ve been having a go at fair isle crochet!  I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I Googled it on the off chance that someone somewhere had been doing the same thing.

I found some amazing video tutorials on Crochet Ever After and scoured the internet for some nice ideas.  I managed to come up with this.  It was going to be a beanie for the babby but it worked out to be just a little too tight, plus I wasn’t 100% happy with it so I left it as a sample piece and decided to play about.


It popped into my head that crocheting in the third loop of a half treble crochet stitch looks a bit like a sideways knit stitch so I reckoned I would have a little go at trying fair isle with this stitch instead of double crochet. It made everything a little neater but it works up really thick, even using DK so it’s definitely for winter things or possibly a nice snuggly cushion cover!


I still have to play around for a bit with these techniques but it’s loads of fun trying to figure out how the different stitches work up!  It makes me terribly unproductive though so I might have to get back to regular crochet so I can get some of my planned Christmas presents started and hopefully finished before December 25th!

2 thoughts on “Sick House and Fair Isle Crochet

  1. It looks fab Jools – by next Christmas you’ll be making us all sweaters 😉 I can already picture you, Soph & the boys in coordinating colours 😀 x
    p.s. why isnt it the 7th yet?!?!


    1. It’ll probably take me the full next year and a bit too make Christmas jumpers for everyone lol. I’m so flippin excited for the 7th, Christmas jumpers and mulled wine here we come 😀 😀


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