My Super Stripey Slouchy… Hat

I wish I could have found a word for hat beginning with S for my title! Alliteration makes me happy so this past had been set back some time while I thought if descriptive words beginning with H seeing as there are no words for hat beginning with S! I reckoned this hat is cool enough to deserve a cool post title!


Anyway, after my last hat disaster I thought I would have another go. Kids decided on stripes this time from a purely pragmatic approach. Aesthetics aside I wasn’t sure if I had enough to make a large slouchy beanie from one ball of yarn but the stripes have totally won me over now!


I loved the ribbed band I tried out for the last hat attempt made with rows of double crochet made only in the back loops so that was how I started. I began with a foundation row of double crochet and worked my way back and forth up until it was big enough to go round my head (This wasn’t the most precise job, can you tell?!). I joined it with a slip stitch to the first row and continued in the round. Using the same yarn I worked my way around by making one double crochet in the end of each row and ended up with approximately 70 stitches. I forgot to photograph it before I moved on as I thought I was only really playing around!


I hate weaving in ends and I wasn’t sure about how successful this hat attempt would be so instead of fastening the yarn and starting the next colour I pulled a loop of the new colour through my final slip stitch of the round and just started to use the new colour. When it was time for the next round of a certain colour I carried the yarn up the back and worked the same way. This hat therefore definitely has a right side and a wrong side but I neatened it up as best as I could as I worked so it’s liveable with. Next time I might take the time to weave in the ends but maybe not! It would certainty be a bit of a neater job.


I played about with the stitches as I worked my way up and used a mixture of double, half treble, treble, back post treble and double treble stitches. I made no increases and when I thought the hat was long enough I started to decrease. I started with one decrease every nine stitches, then every eight stitches in the next round until my final round ended with eight stitches.

As if it wasn’t silly enough I topped it off with a huge stripy pompom made with my very excellent Clover Pompom Maker.  I have had mine for a while and I love putting pompoms on whatever I can manage!  (I’ll be posting more about pompoms soon!)


I’ve ended up with a wonderfully stripey and textured hat. It was brilliant practice to see how all the different stitches I used end up. I’ll definitely be making more of these hats! This one is such a fun piece of headgear, I hope you love it as much as I do!


2 thoughts on “My Super Stripey Slouchy… Hat

  1. Aw I love this hat! I have always been tempted to try my hand at this, but know I wouldn’t be very good at it!
    Go you! 🙂 don’t know how you find the time with two little birds running about!


    • You would probably be better than you think! If you have the patience for paper cutting it would be no bothers to you. I usually wait till they are both in bed, ignore the housework and sit with my wool & Netflix and play about 🙂


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