The prettiest hat that never was

This was going to be a lovely slouchy beanie. I made the brim/headband bit of it first by making a short row of foundation double crochet. Just eight stitches of two strands of double knit held together. Then I made it up to the right length to go round my head using double crochet but only in the back loop to give a ribbed effect. Sixty four rows in total. It looked lovely!


As I worked up I realised it was going to take more yarn than I had and it was a bit too tight because I was determined to use cabling! The yarn had been hoked out of my stash with labels long forgotten so I had no idea of what to buy to finish the hat with.

Oh well. It was good practice! I’ve never done ribbing like that before but I will do it again as it gave a much nicer effect than using front/back post treble stitches. The cables came together nicely but my edges always seem to be a bit holey so I definitely need to practice those. Onwards & upwards! It’s bedtime now so I’ll sleep on it and try again tomorrow.

Wish me luck for the next attempt!!


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