I am so slow but I’m not giving up!

Wow! I really am rubbish at scheduling the time to post regularly. Things have all been a bit hectic here and I’m still getting to grips with managing my time properly now the Boy is at nursery. I’m naturally extremely disorganised so it’s challenging to try to run a family so that everyone is clean, happy, well fed and out for the things we need to be out for. I’m so lucky to be a stay at home mum, I don’t think I could cope with going out to work AND doing everything I do too!

Today we got out to enjoy a beautiful Autumn day. The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse recently so it was surprising, to say the least, to discover that the usual coats and scarves weren’t needed! I love cool, crisp Autumn days and getting wrapped up against the cold so I was a little disappointed to discover it was so warm out but it was lovely.

Me and the Babby had a little walk down the promenade and a wee adventure on the beach. Despite the deafening roar of the big waves she was definitely more interested in escaping into the sea than her big brother ever was. Thank goodness she was easily distracted by interesting shells and apparently delicious sand. Says a lot for my cooking when she’s happy to stick a handful a sand in her mouth!


There will be more crafty posts soon, I promise! It seems like the pox may be upon our house so I might be stuck at home with plenty of crafting time soon (depending on how sickly the littlers are!). I’ve never had chicken pox so I’m a little worried about catching it. I hear it can be worse for adults than kiddies and I’m itchy just thinking about it!


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