Only a quick post to keep my hand in!  I need to remember to schedule time to blog or I’ll forget to do it which will lead to this becoming yet another unfinished project!

It’s easy to waste time, to fill your life with meaningless junk rather than engaging your brain. I should know, I’m the biggest culprit. My evenings are usually spent in front of Netflix because it’s easier to switch off than to engage in an activity that requires concentration. For example, blogging at this late is nearly beyond me. I’ve written and deleted more than I should have. A lot of it didn’t make sense because I’m too tired. Too much wasted time this evening. I should really have stopped watching Doctor Who after one episode, not two.

I’m going to make a commitment to watch less, do more and go to sleep earlier. Maybe if I’m less tired I’ll manage to get more done with the time I have.

Maybe I’ll expand on this train of thought when I’m a bit more compus mentus. Anyone out there got any time saving or energy giving ideas? I reckon getting my babby to sleep through the night would maybe be a start but I’d love to hear from you!


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