Cosy Heads

I love cosy hats for winter. I have a small, but growing, collection of cosy wooly hats to keep my head warm in winter but it’s Autumn now and it’s not quite cold enough for hats yet so I’m on a mission to make some equally lovely crocheted headbands so my ears and head will be cosy but I won’t overheat.

I love searching Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and I’ve been seeing loads of pictures of pretty braided headband and thought I would give one a go. I don’t mind following patterns but thought I would much rather try to work this one out myself according to the yarn I had.

I hoked through my yarn stash and pulled out some lovely Stylecraft Special DK in raspberry.  It’s a beautiful soft acrylic yarn in a nice muted pink colour. Perfect for bringing a bit of cheer to my autumn outfits!

I measured my head and made a long strip of foundation half treble crochet until it seemed to be about the right length.  (Moogly has some great tutorials on how to do make a foundation row rather than making a long chain and trying to crochet into it!) I used a 4.5mm hook and it took me 70 stitches to get the right length.  I continued until I had 5 rows done.  I then made 3 of these strips so I could braid them together.


I sewed them together along the short edges and fiddled about until the braid seemed right then I sewed the ends together to secure it.  The strands crossed over about ten times so it wasn’t very tight.  I like having a bit of width to my headband so it covers my ears nicely!  I joined the two ends and sewed again and thought TAH-DAH!  It looked perfect until I tried to put it on and all the strands separated and it took a lot of fiddling about to get out to sit right and it keep leaving my ears uncovered.  I was a bit disappointed to say the least!

Anyway after a lot of fiddling and having a bit of a tantrum that my beautiful headband wasn’t going to work it occurred to me that maybe if I sewed the strands together in the back it might hold its shape a bit better so that’s what I did!  I pinned the strands in place and used a whip stitch to join them. Amazingly it worked and now I have a lovely pink braided headband to keep me warm this Autumn!  I’ve caught the bug now and think I’ll be making a lot more of these so I have one for every outfit.  It’s pretty cute, don’t ye think?



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